ASB Comes To Playoffs

This is the part of the season where members of Championship League Karaoke (CLK) go all out. They are vying for the coveted title of Season Champion and all the glory and prizes that go along with it. Unlike the regular season, the postseason has two (2) voting pools; the audience and judges. Each pool is weighted evenly giving teams different groups to cater their performance towards.

During semifinals, members might recognize judges Christina B. (left) and Colleen (right). We were able to ask them a few questions to give teams some insight into what it would take to secure their vote in the playoffs.

CLK: You both judged Winter 2017’s All Star Break competition. What criteria did you use to determine the best contestant that night?

Christina B: I judged based on if it was clever and funny. If I was laughing, it was rated high. If someone had an exceptionally good voice, I took that into consideration and ranked them higher. If it was funny AND you had a great voice, then you got it in the bag.

Colleen: I love a good pun, but I will be focusing on vocals and overall performance.

CLK: The playoffs differ from ASB in that there are three (3) rounds of head-to-head matchups that could have more than one (1) performer. With that in mind, how would your criteria change if at all?

Christina B: I think the more singers involved the better. I like for everyone to have a chance at the spot light.

Colleen: I will be watching how the group is used during the performance. Are they harmonizing? Are they dancing? Are they acting?

CLK: How would you determine which performance won the round?

Christina B: Laughter is key. Also, clever rewrites I enjoy because they usually make me laugh. If the song is linked to a theme, then that makes it even better.

Colleen: I would assume it would be similar to a dance off. Did I get chills after the performance? Did it make me laugh myself sick? Was it a total takedown?

CLK: In previous interviews, song choice seemed to play a factor in a judge’s decision. How much does song choice matter to you?

Christina B: Song choice is also key. If I don’t know the song, it’s hard to be engaged; but even if I don’t know the song, if I’m laughing, then it’s a winner. Disney songs are always rated high in my book; also love the oldies and any hit song.

Colleen: I love a full range of artists and songs as long as everyone is having fun.

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