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The All Star Break is a unique singing competition presented by Championship League Karaoke. It gives league members a break from team competition to shine in a solo contest. The event features up to twenty-four performers and is open to the public. It has three voting pools: the audience, the competitors, and the judges. Each pool is weighted in a way that gives performers a balanced scoring system.

Singing competitions are tough to prepare for though. Knowing what kind of performance someone will vote for is the only edge competitors have. With that in mind, we asked one of the Summer 2017 All Star Break, judges Alex P., what she looks for in a winning performance.

In a one night, one performance, winner take all competition; how would you judge performances if competitors can use costumes, props, or do rewrites?

I’ve seen a lot of karaoke. Show me something funny or great that I maybe haven’t seen before.

How important is song selection?

Different song choice is a big thing for me. After a while of seeing a lot of the same songs done different ways, seeing something a little off the beaten path always gets some respect.

In trying to select a song you have not seen performed before, how obscure can someone get? Would they benefit from a song you may not have heard of?

It doesn’t have to be obscure. I love when someone starts a song and it’s an “Oh shit! I FORGOT about that song!” sort of moment. Obscure is cool too if that’s your thing, but it doesn’t have to be.

Does clarity, pitch, or volume play a factor in how you would determine a winner?

I mean, if you’re really good, sure; but I’m not necessarily going to karaoke looking for a great singer. I’m looking for someone to have the guts to get on stage and perform the shit out of something. I want them to have as much fun as I’m having. Because honestly, getting in front of a bar of people and performing is daunting, and anyone who attempts it should get some applause for doing it.

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