Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Never heard of Competitive Karaoke before? Dipping your feet in the water and want a few pointers? Check out the questions below, and see if they clear things up!

What is competitive karaoke?

Ever dreamed of being a rock star at Madison Square Garden? It’s a little bit like that, but closer to home. Basically, you’ll be pitted against other teams of performers, going on one song at a time in a head-to-head format. If the crowd likes what you’ve got, they’ll vote you as the winner!

But I don’t think I can carry a tune…

In competitive form, karaoke isn’t solely about how well you sing, but how well you can perform a song that can win you a round.

You’re also allowed to make and bring props or costumes to add to your performances! You don’t have to sound like Gene Simmons to dress up like KISS and rock out a packed room.

Not to mention, many nights are governed by themes – certain styles of performance you’d need to fit your song to. For some of the voters in the audience, adherence to a theme is just as important as pure vocal ability.

Wow! Sounds great. So how do you keep score?

Once all the votes are in for a round, they are tallied up, and the performer(s) with the most votes wins their team points for that round’s match up. At the end of the night, the team with the most points wins the overall match up. For a more in-depth look at how scoring works, head over to our Competition Structure page.

How many performances are in a night?

Each team has two solos and one group round (minimum two people required) each week. Depending on the number of teams, there could be 12 or 18 stunning performances per night!

This all seems pretty cool…is there anything else I should know?

The mechanic 1-Up is available to teams through out the regular season. This allows soloists to turn their performances into duets or trios. Be careful though! They can only be used during the regular season and have limited number of uses. For more information, checkout our Toolbox.

Okay! I’m sold – where do I join?

This link here will take you to our upcoming season’s registration page. People have the option to signup as a team or as an free agent. Regardless of which option selected, the registration fee is $50 per person not including fees. Better hurry! Registration closes 5/23/2017!

What do I get for registering?

Each registrant receives a t-shirt for the current season and the option to add one song not already listed in the CLK Songbook. They also become eligible to compete for the following league exclusive awards and contests:

  • Vocal Virtuoso – A weekly, regular season distinction of the top solo performance of the night. Recipients receive a $15 bar tab from the venue the following week.
  • Star Squad – A weekly, regular season distinction of the top group performance of the night. Recipients receive a $35 bar tab from the venue the following week.
  • The All Star Break – A special event that affords Vocal Virtuoso recipients as well as other solo performers to compete in a one-of-a-kind competition. Top performers will receive various prizes such as transferrable discounted registrations for the following season (50% off for 1st, 30% off for 2nd, 10% off for 3rd).
  • The League Championship – A season distinction of the top team of the postseason. Recipients for the top prize receive medals for each member of the team, catering to a local restaurant, discounted registrations, as well as gift cards to Amazon and Michael’s.
  • Free Sing – After the competition aspect of each night is over, members are free to enjoy the extensive library of songs until the venue closes.

What is the refund policy?

One week prior to the start of a season is the cutoff for refunds. We do not provide credit, refunds or prorated billing for registrations where a member wants to withdraw midseason. In such a circumstance, a member will continue to have access to league benefits until the end of the season. Champion League Karaoke reserves the right to offer refunds, discounts or other considerations in select circumstances at its sole discretion. Please note that each circumstance is unique and election to make such an offer in one instance does not create obligation or establish policy to do so in another.