The Karaoke Cup

This is a special one night, winner take all competition that occurs at the end of each season. It gathers the top teams from the area and pits them against each other to see who is the best of the best. The Karaoke Cup, pictured left, has the previous champions’ members and team names etched onto it. This is just part of the prize system that awaits the season finale’s champion.

Teams really put a lot into their Karaoke Cup performances, as can be seen from Surprise Sax’s championship number below, which is why they are rewarded well for it.

The competition structure has three (3) rounds of competition. Depending on the round, the match type/voting structure will either be head-to-head or ranked. Much like venue playoffs, the competition has both audience and judges voting pools that combine to determine the winners of each match.

Round 1

This will be comprised of teams that qualified for a slot according to the points they amassed via regular season and playoffs.

Round 2

This will feature the teams that advanced from the first round against venue champions in a heads-up match.

Round 3

The finale will be the teams that advanced from the second round in a ranked match.