Mission & Approach

14383307_10210080070659685_1841309379_nOur Mission

To provide a high-quality arena for competitive karaoke, rewarding creativity and showmanship, while fostering a social community of performers.

Our Approach

This is your karaoke league. Whether you are a competitor who focuses on belting it out, accentuates your performance with creative costuming and props, or is simply interested in making friends, we know that you are the heart of what will make this community thrive. We are dedicated to providing a fun, entertaining, and competitive environment throughout each season. The format and structure is fluid by design so that each season is engaging, intense and scalable to our participant pool. Transparency is important to us. In addition to weekly emails, we facilitate the initiation of season specific, league official, Captains’ and Executive Committee chat rooms as a way to better interact with the league and its members.

Captains’ Chat

It gathers one member from each team and its function is to:

  • Focus on subjects related to the current season
  • Distribute information
  • Give members not in the chat room a different avenue to channel questions or concerns up to the Executive Committee

Executive Committee Chat

It gathers one shareholder, one team captain, and members that are interested in having a hand in making changes; its function is to:

  • Determine amount of competing teams (4 or 6)
  • Determine weekly themes for the regular season
  • Determine competition structure (e.g. point structure)
  • Determine gameplay (e.g. 1-Ups)


The league was declared a winner in the 2017 Best of NoVA Nightlife category by Northern Virginia Magazine.