The Emcees

The emcees, managed by Welvin W., are responsible for maintaining high quality audio and video for performers, to include content capturing. They are, or once were, league members and have the ability to adjust the following aspects of the karaoke system:

  • Equalization
  • Track Pitch
  • Track Tempo
  • Vocal Effects
  • Volume

Emcees actively listen to the singer(s) and track throughout a performance, making adjustments as necessary, so that everyone sounds as good as can be. Being an emcee is a paid position. The following are the current emcees and their respective locations:

Alexandria Free Sing Emcee

Jessica S.

Alexandria League Emcee


Arlington League Emcee

Rachel G.

Manassas League Emcees

Kingsley J.

Veronica E.

Reston Free Sing & League Emcee

Katelyn S.

    The league is always on the lookout for potential emcees. If you would like to apply, please complete the application below.