Volunteer Program

The league is looking for people to help with content collection at each venue as well as inform people about what it is like to be in the league. For these services, we are offering FREE registrations! If interested, email championshipleaguekaraoke@gmail.com and let us know which of the positions is desired.

Blogger – 1 registration per piece
Requires 1000 word pieces on topics related to the league before the start of the next season. The following are some ideas for topics if needed:
  • Buying/Making Costumes
  • Buying/Making Props
  • Coordinating Group Performances
  • Dividing Up Solos
  • Preparing For Playoffs/Postseason
  • Song Selections
  • Using 1-Ups
Cellphone Photographer/Videographer – 2 to 3 people per venue
Requires smartphones capable of running the following applications:
  • Boomerang
  • Facebook
  • Google Drive