Voting Structure

Voting Integrity

  • Block re-vote via cookies, IP address, and direct link – prevents multiple votes by the same device
  • Facebook or Google+ authentication – prevents multiple votes by the same account
  • Controlled launch – prohibits anyone not physically at the event from impacting the results

The voting experience is divided into three rounds, so that people who are not present during a round cannot effect the round after it is over. The emcee opens then closes voting for each round, finalizing the results upon closure. Account authentication and the blocking of re-votes were installed to deter people from casting multiple votes for a match.

Voting Styles


This style puts one team directly against another. The audience selects one team or the other. Teams are awarded points, if at all, based on how voting went; the winner being the team that received the most votes.


Team A vs Team BRound is worth three (3) points.
Team A receives 4/10 votes or 40%
Team B receives 6/10 votes or 60%

Team B is awarded all 3 points.


This style is a multi-team matchup. The audience ranks each team on a scale with one (1) being the best. Teams are awarded points, if at all, based on how voting went. Points are distributed based on the amount of votes each team earned.


Team A vs Team B vs Team CRound is worth three (3) points for first place, one and a half (1.5) points for second place, and zero (0) points for last place.
Team A receives 2/10 first place votes or 20%
Team B receives 3/10 first place votes or 30%
Team C receives 5/10 first place votes or 50%

Team C is awarded 3 points.
Team B is awarded 1.5 points.
Team A is awarded 0 points.


Vocal Virtuoso & Star Squad (Regular Season Only)

Apart from being the winner of a match, members are eligible to win bar/restaurant tabs if they are declared the top performers of the night. This is determined by the highest percentage of votes amongst similar matches. Solo match winners (Vocal Virtuoso) compete against other solo match winners and group match winners (Star Squad) compete against other group match winners. The evening’s overall winners of the night are decided by the highest percentage according to their category,  ensuring that a match with the least amount of participation has just as much a chance of winning as a match with the most amount of participation. For example:

Round 1 Match 1 has a total of 10 votes. Solo Singer “A” received 6/10 for 60%. Solo Singer “B” received 4/10 for 40%.

Round 2 Match 2 has a total of 20 votes. Solo Singer “C” received 9/20 for 45%. Solo Singer “D” received 11/20 for 55%.

Even though the winner from Round 1 Match 1 (Solo Singer “A”) only received 6 votes, they win Vocal Virtuoso of the night because they received the highest percentage of votes within their match in comparison to the highest percentage of votes within Round 2 Match 2 (Singer “D”).